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The Cure to Math Anxiety

Posted by on Apr 25, 2016 in Sergio | No Comments

This week I’ll be looking at a Ted Talk by John Bennett on “Why Math Instruction is Unnecessary” and an article on by Richard Paul about the importance of questions in learning. John Bennett believes that the reason Mathematics education has suffered in the last 40 years is because of ‘Math anxiety’. That is that […]

Task 10

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Jocelyn K. Glei article/interview with Carol Dweck   Douglas Barton: What do top students do differently?   How do the article/video add to what has been discussed and explored in the previous Mathagogy units? What will you do differently (at work and elsewhere) as a result of the ideas in the article/video?   […]

Task 10 – I just can’t run

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Video:–pmPog Article:   One of the things that I liked about the video was the acknowledgment that everybody can do maths, as that saying is massively overshadowed by the sayings ‘I’m not a maths person’ or ‘I just can’t do maths’. Maths just like most things is a skill that can be learnt […]

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