Learning to be Gritty.

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This weeks task is very closely linked to the last. Angela Duckworth defines grit as “sticking with things over the very long term until you master them.” She suggests that when it comes to high achievement, grit may be as essential as intelligence, a view mirrored by Matthew Syed where he believes that there is […]

Twins – One ‘Can’t do Maths’ but One ‘Can’.

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I really enjoyed the talk by Mathew Syed this week. He starts off by expressing that within our western world we have developed a culture where we view high performance as governed by natural talent. It leads me to question whether our School system has a part to play in this. Syed mentions about the […]

Computer Mathematics – the new brand.

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Robinson explained that, with globalisation, there has been a huge growth in learning platforms for students. In our article this week, Willingham strengthens this by stating that already by 2007 100% of British primary schools and 98% of secondary schools had access to at least one interactive whiteboard. The question is “Does the technology used […]

Let’s learn from our global teachers.

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OK so last week I may have come across a little strong on my views of Khan. I would just like to add that on reflection there are some ideas within the academy such as student tracking and global interaction which, if implemented correctly, of course would be great! Previously I stated that the videos […]

You were not born with two left feet – you just simply haven’t danced enough.

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Sal Khan, a financier, introduces the on-line teaching tool, the ‘Khan academy’. With one million hits globally a month offering thousands of free mathematical videos, it is seen by many in the United States to be revolutionary. With celebrities such as Bill Gates backing the concept it is not surprising that Khan is seen by […]

Challenge accepted.

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In 1976, Richard Skemp published a 16 page article on the teaching of mathematics and, in particular, ‘relational’ and ‘instrumental’ understanding. By ‘relational understanding’ he meant ‘knowing both what to do and why’. Whereas he refers to ‘instrumental understanding’ as ‘rules without reasons’.  He notes that for many pupils (and their teachers) just knowing the […]

Thinking outside the box

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I believe it is important to realise that we have all got an innate ability to think creatively and this should be reflected in the education system as a whole. Robinson makes an interesting point when he demonstrates this using his example of the paper clip and kindergarten children. He points out that from a […]