Video Games: Helpful or Hindrance?

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It’s no secret that gaming on a social level is a huge market, with BAFTA’s for gaming, sales making billions yearly and with millions of young people globally engaging in multimedia gaming outside of the school environment on a daily basis, so it seems sensible for education providers to bridge the gap between the enjoyment […]

True Grit…

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True Grit is the factor that determines if a student will succeed in learning, not praise, not teaching styles but the students resilience. Their capability to overcome adversity and challenges to tackle educational problems and overcome them makes them successful. Its all very British. I found the ted talk incredibly insightful and very inspiring, this […]

3.14…wait what’s the rest??

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Memory is incredibly important in any situation, you nor i would be here had we not remembered to do something in some place at some point leading us here. So why are we looking at memory I hear you ask? Well the answer becomes clear by looking at the article by Wilingham, in my opinion […]

Killing Creativity: No More

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Can it be?! Maths can be a creative subject?! Now before you scoff hear me out, Lockhart argues that maths is indeed a subject for the creative type, full of patterns and designs that are akin to the notes that form the crescendos of beautiful music (Gustav holst’s Jupiter for me) and the brush strokes […]

Shanghai learning: The opinion of one trainee teacher

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Firstly let’s be honest, the way we teach mathematics in the United Kingdom is not as effective as we want it to be. With reports indicating that not only are Britain the “20th” best mathematical providing country in the world, but also that Asia on a whole, is number 1, with countries like Singapore, and […]

Mathematics helped or hindered by computing?

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It comes as no surprise that in today’s digital age, the emphasis on learning, comes from digital sources, and less from the textbooks that we relied upon so dogmatically in our education. Long gone are the days where the most computing you’d see would be the use of a graphical calculator, or maybe using the […]

Is the Khan way the right way?

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Last week I wrote a think piece detailing my support for the Khan Academy, arguing that it is an invaluable tool in aiding teachers and students to access maths learning in a flexible way. In this think piece I will argue why the Khan academy may not be as effective as it first appears, and […]

Khan everyone do maths?

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The work set out by the Khan academy, has revolutionized the way the classroom dynamic works, where Khan argues that the academy has provided much more time to be able to work on those struggling, or allow for the growth of students helping students in a classroom dynamic, and i believe this is very much […]

Learning rules! or learning rules?

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The work written by Skemp puts forward the idea of faux understanding in a mathematical concept, two different types of understanding, relational understanding and instrumental understanding. Skemp goes on to argue that the dichotomous relationship between the two presents a dynamic that can be detrimental to teaching, when students hold an instrumental understanding, and just […]

Education: A right, not a privilege

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Sir Ken Robinson puts forward the argument that the education system we have today prides itself too much on whether you’re an academic or not, the way they teach you stems from industrialization and we now have psychological illnesses that define distraction, all in all a pretty awful education system for those who learn in […]