Growing is learning, or is learning growing?

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Since reading Jo Boaler’s “The Elephant in the Classroom”,  I have found the concept of growth versus fixed mindsets fascinating. It explained many experiences I have had of people who were convinced they could not do maths and would never be able to learn maths. This is a culture which will be very hard to […]

Maths, mistakes and memory

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I found that this week’s task linked back to several ideas from previous tasks. Matthew Syed’s video reminded me of Jo Boaler’s “An Elephant in the classroom” about growth mindsets and fixed mindsets and how this influences maths learning. The fixed mindset says: ‘I can’t do maths’ while in a growth mindset everyone can learn […]

Technology: tool or trap?

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I was disappointed by Conrad Wolfram’s talk because he mainly seemed to focus on reducing time-consuming hand calculations by replacing this with computer automated calculations. This is how computers are used in many professions but not necessarily the most important use of technology in teaching. Understanding a concept will surely involve learning HOW to do […]

One teaching style fits all? I don’t think so.

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The more we read and watch in this module, the more I find myself thinking that most authors and presenters focus on one way of teaching to the exclusion of another which they allude to as bad teaching. In this task, Michael Pershan describes the Khan Academy videos as ‘old-fashioned’ explain and then practice. He […]

How we learn = how to teach?

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“I’m no good at maths !” How often do we hear this, not only in the US and UK but also in the Netherlands and even said with pride, no embarrassment whatsoever. I do think everyone can learn maths and it’s one of reasons for me to become a teacher. This task’s article and videos […]

Teacher? Me?

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We are all on this course because we want to become good maths teachers. My initial reaction to both the article and the video was: “Yes, that’s how I think I should teach maths!” But of course, reading and watching again made me wonder if it would be so simple. Below are some ideas I want to explore […]

Let’s play with the elephant

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I enjoyed watching the video and the animations are amazing. However, when watching it again I tried to focus on what was said instead of the animations. I have recently read Jo Boaler’s book and reread chapter 1. I would definitely recommend reading the whole book. I found both the article and the video interesting […]