Task 8 – Better ways of doing things ?

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The talk by Angela Duckworth, on the topic of grit, continued the theme from task 7 that success is directly related to the focus and effort of training. She makes the point that children who understand that the brain changes and grows in response to challenges are more likely to persevere when they fail at […]

Task 7 – No pain, no gain

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The presentation by Matthew Syed further explores the idea, raised in the task 3 article by Daniel Willingham, that everyone can acquire skills through good learning and practice. Matthew discusses the nature versus nurture aspects of becoming competent at an activity and I agree with his conclusion that the quantity and quality of practice are […]

Task 5 – Things aren’t as simple as they might seem

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I was looking forward to hearing Conrad Wolfram’s ideas on the use of Technology in the classroom but was not convinced by his arguments. For example, he made the point that outside of education, people use computers for maths. Whilst that is likely to be true for scientists and mathematicians, I don’t think it’s true […]

Task 4 – What experiences can I use in teaching ?

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The video critique of the Khan Academy proposed an extension to an idea that I put forward in our discussion for task 3. I’d suggested having plug-ins to the Khan Academy framework so that teachers could use their own materials but still get the benefits of being able to track progress etc. Michael Pershan took […]

Task 3 Build on Solid Foundations

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The TED talk, by the founder of the Khan Academy, triggered lots of thoughts on how the website could be used to support learning in school. I’ve used the videos myself to remind me how to approach certain problems but had not taken the step back to consider how the Khan Academy website could be […]

Task 2 – The rules are confusing

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The video and article were very relevant, and well timed, for me because they link directly to my recent experiences in university and in observing lessons in school. We are benefiting from relational* learning at university and are mostly observing instrumental** teaching in school. Last week, at Hastings Academy, I watched real life examples of problems that […]

Task 1 – Make school maths more interesting and relevant

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My overall conclusion from watching the Ken Robinson video and reading the Jo Boaler article is that they both agree that the approach to the teaching of maths needs to be updated to make it relevant to the 21st century. Whilst I agree with the fundamental arguments put forward in both articles, I do not […]