The Cure to Math Anxiety

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This week I’ll be looking at a Ted Talk by John Bennett on “Why Math Instruction is Unnecessary” and an article on by Richard Paul about the importance of questions in learning. John Bennett believes that the reason Mathematics education has suffered in the last 40 years is because of ‘Math anxiety’. That is that […]

The Game Generation

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This week I’ll be commenting on two pieces on the topic of gaming and education. A video by Matthew Peterson and an article by James Gee. Peterson and Gee both believe that Games exemplify the learning process and they offer reasons for the success of games in learning. Firstly, Peterson’s penguin game is simple and […]

Setting by praise.

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Jo Boaler believes that a Growth Mindset is essential to learning as the amount of effort students put in directly cause’s new connections to form in the brain. If this is true then would an absence of effort cause the brain stagnate? And do you always have to show effort towards a subject for you […]

Now I know my memory~

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This week I’ll be looking at two pieces. One by Matthew Syad and the other by Daniel Willingham. Willingham discusses ideas about how students can remember and what is needed in order to remember something. He suggests that students should always ask why after everything they read to remember it because we need meaningful cues […]

The Creativity Curriculum.

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Lockhart believes that Mathematics is an art that is given a disservice in the education system because it’s often presented as “An arbitrary set of rules”. Indeed, Lockhart outlines the differences in teaching between artistic subjects and Mathematics. Firstly that arts teachers don’t exert their students with rigorous exercise but allow them to learn through […]

What if the internet is down?

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Wolfram believes that computers are the silver bullet to the growing dissatisfaction in mathematics education, while Willingham believes that the problem is more to do with a mental work space and about how you utilize computers and that they are definitely not a silver bullet in this sense. Willingham begins by talking about a study […]

We aspire to inquire!

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This week I will be watching a video critique about Khan Academy by Michael Pershan and an article on inquiry maths by Andrew Blair. It is interesting that both the article and video consider the discussions and pursuit of mathematics through questions of utmost importance. This is akin to the beliefs of Dan Mayer who […]

I’d like to thank the Academy

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This week I’ll be exploring the ideas presented in an article by Daniel Willingham about mathematical ability and a video by Salman Khan about his website ‘Khan Academy’. Willingham suggested that human beings find it very easy to relate the concepts of space and Mathematics together and that we have an inbuilt ability to estimate […]

Exploring Classroom Cocoons

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For this blog I’ve chosen to speak about Ron Berger and Austin’s Butterfly as well as on the book relational understanding and instrumental understanding’ by Richard Skemp. I believe Ron Berger uses Austin’s Butterfly to emphasize that learning is non-linear and that it’s OK to make mistakes. Indeed this isn’t immediately clear to many students […]

The derivative of no change is zero.

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Ken Robinson holds the belief that the education system in place across most of the world is archaic, reflecting ideas prominent in the Industrial Revolution. He suggests that the education system is in place to preserve the economic and cultural interests of a country. On the matter of Kens first point, not only does this […]