It’s not what you do it’s the way that you do it…..

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As I sat contemplating this week’s task I started to think about the times that I have given up on something too difficult, did that mean that I was of a fixed mind set or did it mean on that particular day it was all too much so I walked away? Who knows? I do […]

Instant Recall…….sometimes?

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I found listening to Matthew Syed’s idea’s of practice making perfect interesting. He argued that anything can be achieved by anyone should they practice enough and that our own inherent cerebral elasticity will eventually overcome any inhibitors that we have. This seems to be in contradiction to all the other articles that we have considered […]

Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap………Boom!!!

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The idea that we bring computers into a classroom to aid learning is not a new one, technology is so widely available now and so easily accessible it seems inconceivable that we wouldn’t use this readily available resource to help teach and engage the younger generations. However how we do this is definitely a cause […]

Task 4 Critique or Inquiry

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I was very interested watching Pershan’s analysis of Khan Academy, it is interesting that as a teacher he is really quite scathing of Khans methods. Despite having been quite positive about Khan Academy in the past, I find myself agreeing with so much of what he said. Does that mean that I have completely changed […]

Time, Space and Mathematics……….The final frontier?

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The Khan Academy, introduced to us by Sal Khan, is not an unfamiliar resource. I have on occasion found it extremely useful when investigating and exploring mathematical problems. The subjects covered being diverse and invariably covered in an intuitive and user friendly way. I did therefore find it extremely interesting that it has been developed […]

A Brave New World………Maybe?

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What a difference a week makes!! I really enjoyed both Dan Meyer’s and Richard Skemp’s pieces, both seemed to be much more solution driven than the previous articles and I found myself agreeing with much of what was said. It seems obvious in hindsight that we consider what we are teaching and why before we […]

Is Educational Reform necessary?

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It seems clear that both articles fervently believe that by basing an educational system on historical values we are no longer providing a robust education for future generations and in fact risk stifling rather than inspiring them. It is no longer adequate to learn lessons from past experience, but now is the time for change, […]