Task 8 – A mixed bag. Is it as bad as it sounds?

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Angela Lee Duckworth’s talk had most of the same points as Matthew Syed’s. Simply having the ability to do something is not enough to be successful, but having something she calls ‘grit’, which basically means having a good work ethic. As Syed said in his talk, we view “natural talent” as the most important element […]

Task 7 – Forget about ‘Natural Talent’. Remember to Practice.

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One of the first things that Willingham mentions in his article is the lack of discussion on how to learn. It seems so obvious, but we focus on learning the material in front of us and never really give any thought to how it is learned. For most young people in school, memorizing by rote […]

Task 5 – We’re Still More Important Than Computers

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I agree with Wolfram that math students shouldn’t be spending most of their time doing calculations instead of tackling more realistic problems. It goes back to what Willingham said in a previous article about developing automaticity with certain math in order to free up the mind to focus on more challenging problems. That’s provided that […]

Task 4 – Solving the Problem of Problem-Solving

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Before watching Michael Pershan’s critique of Khan Academy, I expected a convincing argument that may have changed my positive view of Khan Academy. However, there’s nothing in Pershan’s argument that challenges the aspects of Khan Academy that I like. Instead, his rationale is that Khan Academy follows the traditional model of teaching that is prevalent […]

Task 3 – Maximizing Students’ Learning

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The main point that I took away from both articles was the belief that math could not only be a subject with which more people could become better at doing, but also something that people could come to enjoy doing. For once, it was refreshing to hear someone dismiss the notion that people are either […]

Task 2 – Is there a right or wrong way of learning?

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I enjoyed studying math at school. At times it was frustrating when I came across a problem I had trouble with, but when I finally understood how to do the problem, I felt great satisfaction. So when I listen to Dan Meyer propose a complete makeover of the subject I enjoyed in school, I can’t […]

Task 1 – ‘Teacher, why are we learning this?’

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The first thing that struck me on watching Robinson’s video ‘Changing Education Paradigms’ was his first question: ‘How do we educate our children to take their place in the economies of the 21st century?’ It made me question why it is we educate people at all. Is it simply to get a job? Or is […]