Task 10 – I just can’t run

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Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tg0Z–pmPog Article: http://www.biology.ucr.edu/people/faculty/Garland/Sports_Illustrated_Epstein_sports_genes_2010.pdf   One of the things that I liked about the video was the acknowledgment that everybody can do maths, as that saying is massively overshadowed by the sayings ‘I’m not a maths person’ or ‘I just can’t do maths’. Maths just like most things is a skill that can be learnt […]

Task 9

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TEDtalk by Matthew Peterson on visual learning through games Anyone who has ever taken a class to an IT room knows the disruption and difficulties that it can cause, by the time you move the class to the room, get them on computers and have got them settled in the new environment, you’ve lost 15 […]

Task 8

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The video by Angela Duckworth brought fourth these questions. What is grit?  I am not sure I could define it myself as I see it as a very broad and far reaching word that means many different things to different people. According to Angela Duckworth it is “Passion and perseverance for a long term goal” […]

Task 7

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I found the Matthew Syed talk very interesting but hard to agree with. I do solidly believe that some people have natural talent and that it does play a part in achieving their goals, but I also agree that this isn’t the be all and end all of the situation. There are many other factors […]

Task 6

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Talk on creativity by Sir Ken Robison “When you ask people about schooling they will pin you to the wall… as it runs deep within like religion or money” this is a statement that I agree with on many levels, as whenever anyone asks me what I am studying at university I reply training to […]

Task 5

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The talk by Conrad Wolfram had many good points that I strongly agreed with but there was one glaring statement that put me on edge. That was that “IT is the silver bullet for maths” that sort of sweeping statement is ill advised and could possibly come with far reaching consequences, think raw eggs carry salmonella […]

Shanghai CPD Day

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  The day we spent at Chailey Secondary School was eye opening in many ways, and I can see why the UK government would like to replicate their method and hopefully their results in this country. From the outset I had a few reservations: The pressure that China puts on its students is very demanding, […]

Essay 4

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This video has raised a lot of very interesting points. My first comment would be that it is very easy to criticise something, but much harder to fix it.      Michael Pershan states many problems about Kahn academy and how to improve it, my question to this is why then does he not make a better […]

I’m bad at maths

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I love the idea of ICT ‘humanising the classroom’ the reports from the Las Santos school district are very promising. However I don’t think Kahn academy will be applicable to all schools for a number of reasons. Firstly is accessibility, not every school has the ability to give the whole school access to computers for […]

Task 2

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Formative assessment   I really enjoyed the video itself and the main point that I’d like to take from it and discuss is that “There is no such thing as a formative assessment just assessment that is formative”.  This is obviously a broad statement but proves a point. If you look at the standard way in which […]