Teaching for potential….

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As ever it seems, I enjoyed this week’s resource but I am finding it hard to come up with a simple sense of what I am being told.  I think that the messages that I am taking are: the preparedness to dig in and learn,  accepting mistakes and things going wrong along the way, are […]

Quality, practice and memory

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I found Syed’s analysis very powerful and empowering.  Powerful because he was clearly arguing against ingrained tenets of our society that inate ability trumps all and empowering because it gave a real locus for quality teaching both in relation to the subject but also to convince learners with quality teaching. personal resilience and using failure […]

Let’s love computers….

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I really enjoyed the first half of Wolfram’s TED talk. The point about learners doing lots of repetitive calculations really resonated. I can understand (from a previous task) the importance practice cementing knowledge and so freeing up the human potential to learn more.  But I have also observed long lists of calculations being used as […]

Taking a horse to water….

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After last week’s billing I was expecting Khan to be pulled apart but it seems to me that Michael Pershan’s critique is more about the US (and general Western?) teaching approach than Khan per se.  It left me wondering why Khan was particularly in the firing line for his critique. As to what I thought […]

The Future of Education

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I really enjoyed the positive nature of all the resources:  with an open mind, access to good resources and good teaching all can achieve at maths. Things that really stood out from the Khan lecture were: allowing pupils to work at their own pace and especially the charts showing ‘slow learners’ catching up….brilliant to see […]

Upon thy distemper sprinkle cool patience…

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I found very little to disagree with in either piece. Skemp’s argument for relational understanding and Meyer’s wanting maths  to involve learners in setting and solving problems (rather than filling gaps with pre-packaged information) come together as a great manifesto for modern maths teaching. But, what needs to be done to bring about a brave […]

So here goes….

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I don’t think that I have ever directly published work for an external audience so with trepidation here goes. I enjoyed both. They made me think. They made me react.  At times with a sage nod, at other times with more of a ‘not sure life is like that’. My strongest reaction – which I […]