An enforced ‘instrumental mind-set’…

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In the article “Relational Understanding” the idea of relational vs instrumental understanding is explored. In John Hattie’s video on his book “Visible learning for teachers”, Hattie talks about how we can go about trying to make learning visible to the teacher. Both John Hattie and Richard Skemp believe that a deep, relational understanding is important. […]

Educational reform is killing education!

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In the talk given by Sir Ken Robinson, ‘Changing Education Paradigms’, he outlines the ways in which countries are trying to reform educational systems, but more importantly why they are failing at doing so. In the first chapter of “The Elephant in the classroom”, written by Jo Boaler. She talks about how we have gone […]

Is real life the only real solution?

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I was really intrigued by the TED talk given by Dan Meyer and I feel that in some cases he talks a lot of sense. I agree that we live in a society where students have become passive; where students are eager to be given a formula as opposed to learning the theory. I can see […]