Task 8 – how bad do you want it?

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I’ve always found setting kids in maths kind of bizarre. At my school we didn’t have sets for P.E. or History & Geography, so why for maths? There wasn’t even any attempt to try and hide the fact that there were sets. It was ‘you’re in class 10Ma5 because you’re the worst and you’re in […]

Task 7 – where, why, how???

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School is tricky, nobody really expects you to be right 100% of the time, yet most people are afraid of getting the wrong answer (me included!). I think it’s going to be crucial to help students realise that it’s okay to find questions hard and get the answer wrong – more important than the right […]

Task 5 – Should technology change the way we teach?

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If students walk into a classroom thinking “Maths again with Miss X, all we’re going to do is copy rules off the board and answer text book questions in our books,” they are going to be automatically disengaged. If, on the other hand, lots of different teaching strategies (group work, problem solving, computer based lessons, […]

Task 4 – Spoon feeding is not the answer

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Reinforcing what I said last week about the Khan Academy, I do think it is a great tool and should be utilised. Obviously it’s not perfect and perhaps lacks diversity. The videos fail to make links throughout maths and skips the nitty gritty of the students actually doing the maths, jumping straight to the answer. […]

Task 3 – can everyone learn maths?

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‘I just can’t do maths’ is a common phrase we hear all the time, from kids and adults. Even from teachers in schools (not maths teachers I hope!). I’ve thought about it a lot, and since starting this course and from my experience in schools, I don’t agree with that statement. At school I hated […]

Task 2 – Patient Problem Solving

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Relational and instrumental understanding are particularly relevant to maths teaching. Maths is seen by many as difficult and maybe even pointless. Perhaps this is because those people don’t have a relational understanding of many maths topics and fail to make the links between maths in the classroom and maths in ‘real’ life. The problem probably […]

Task 1 – Justice of change

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Robinson’s talk was very negative about the current education system (the animation was great though!) and while he did raise some interesting points, he didn’t offer any solutions. What are the solutions to grouping kids according to age? Grouping them according to reading age or how well they do in tests across the board? The […]