Task 10: Engaging Students In Maths

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Engaging Students in Mathematics  http://www.edutopia.org/blog/engaging-students-in-math-jose-vilson   Ken Robinson: How to escape education’s death valley:     The Oxford dictionary defines engagement as occupying or attracting (someone’s interest or attention). How important is engagement and does it go hand-in-hand with Learning ? If a teacher just produces good study material for students to view on a […]

Anyone for Tennis ?

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Anyone for Tennis  Video games, whether they play them or not, are well recognised as a form of entertainment for school children and even adults. It would appear strange if they were suddenly banned. It would be like asking people to do without their television – not many people do that ? The first video […]

It’s all in the mind or does it even matter

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At various times we may have heard someone say, ‘positive mental attitude,’ this is what it takes to overcome a difficult situation or adversary. Angela Duckworth investigated wether investigated whether there is a correlation between ability and achievement in students. I would imagine a student who is continually outperformed by other students of greater ability may […]

Khan we have an Inquiry

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Khan we have an Inquiry No sooner is Khan Academy lauded as the being the answer to so many maths teaching problems: his videos watched by millions of students; earning Khan worldwide acclaim; legendary Microsoft founder Bill Gates even introduces him on a TED talk; we have question marks over its value in Michael Pershan’s […]

Shanghai Surprise

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The Shanghai Method of Teaching Mathematics The Shaghai method is the answer to all mathematics educators’ prayers, or is it ? On the Wednesday 25th November 2015 I had the opportunity of visiting Chailey School, East Sussex to observe Chinese teachers teaching a year 7 and a year 10 class. This government initiative is based on […]

Khan we all do maths

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Khan we all do maths When Sal Khan started posting videos on Youtube it was an altruistic act. His cousins needed help with maths and he used the Internet to as the vehicle that would carry this information. Teachers, I suggest, have had similar experiences when explaining a mathematical concept to a student results in […]

Relational Understanding and Formative assessment

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Task 2: Article: Relational Understanding by Richard Skemp Video: Formative assessment and feedback by Dilan Wiliam In his article Richard Skemp leads us to think about the meaning of ‘understanding.’ In French a faux ami (false friend) is where a word in a person’s first language can mislead them to believe a similar looking word […]

Why are we teaching mathematics this way ?

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  Sir Ken Robinson in his lecture and Jo Boaler in her book, the elephant in the classroom, 1984 discuss why we have been teaching maths in schools as we do, and suggest why it may not be working. Ken Robinson points out the school education system in its current form was devised just before […]

Dan Meyer TED Talk Video

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Dan Meyer seeks to explain how, from his insightful view and practical experience, schools today choose to teach mathematical concepts to pupils. He argues that for a given problem, ‘the conversation serves the maths as opposed to the maths serving the conversation.’ He quotes Albert Einstein who said, ‘the formulation of a problem is often […]