Education: The solution

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It’s easy to blame the pitfalls of our current educational practices on things that are out of our control, the curriculum being created by those with limited classroom experience, the modern British culture harbouring stubborn short-sighted students, lack of budget being invested in our teachers and schools, and in truth I do not possess the […]

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

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TASK 8: GRIT AND MINDSET “Grit is sticking with your future, day in and day out”- Angela Lee Duckworth, a young and successful management consultant turned teacher turned psychologist, a fair few careers in a not so long span for someone who preaches the importance of sticking at something (disclaimer: I know nothing of Angela’s […]

Iceberg Talent

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I love the concept that everyone can be an expert if they have enough practice….mainly because I am quite useless at quite allot of things! So it’s reassuring to think that I could be good at everything…..if I could be bothered.   One of my favourite videos last year was “Guy Plays Table Tennis Every […]

Organic Mathematics

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  TASK 6: CREATIVITY AND BEAUTY To first see whether Mathematics can be considered a creative subject or not we must first look at what are widely considered the creative subjects, Art, Dance, Music, English literature, film and to me there is one thing that is the backbone of these subjects: patterns. Artists know which […]

Text me your answers and I’ll post your results on Facebook

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  TASK 5: COMPUTERS AND THINKING I studied computational engineering at University two years ago and found it incredibly useful, it enabled me to calculate some pretty crazy stuff such as combustion models for rocket engines, it made my maths come to life and had obvious real life applications that I would be using now […]

Inquiry Academy

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  TASK 4: CRITIQUE AND INQUIRY   In my last think piece I asked how you would improve Khan Academy. In this think piece Michael Pershan suggests some ways to make Khan Academy more effective and I thought his ideas were spot on, I never really saw Khan Academy as an improvement to the already […]

Math Wars: A new hope?

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TASK 3: VIDEO AND ABILITY Khan Academy is a fantastic resource and I believe it only scratches the surface of the potential for creating a partnership between the modern classroom and the internet, I do not however think it should be a substitute for the classroom. The idea that the classroom portion of learning maths […]

The Art of Maths

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TASK 2: RESILIENCE AND UNDERSTANDING I really enjoyed looking into both Dan Meyer’s talk and Richard Skemp’s article, both touched upon how there are multiple ways to go about teaching mathematics, how students are currently being told step by step how to best answer mathematical problems rather than being allowed to explore and understand these […]


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I know that teaching maths can be done in many different ways and that because students are so varied in the way that they learn, lots of different methods of teaching must be considered for students to efficiently learn. I also know that learning maths doesn’t necessarily have to be done in the classroom, people […]