Can we change how Maths is perceived?

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Maths is currently perceived by a lot of people to be a subject that is a waste of their time. It seems to lack the creativity of other subjects and work wise is considered to be solitary by nature. It seems to lack any application to peoples day to day lives, combine that with people […]

Is that grit?

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“If you put your mind to it you can achieve anything.” Try, try, and try again.” I remember hearing these sayings when I was young and it seems to be that these and many like these are no longer ingrained in day to day life. In both the video and the article perseverance and overcoming […]

If Practice makes perfect I expect a 1st! Thanks Peps

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Maybe I m being overly critical, and maybe I should offer both Willingham and Syed more respect. However I found both the video and article a “how to” in doing well at passing exams. Willinghams article reads as a self-help study guide for those students who just don’t know what to do when revision time […]

Teaching by Numbers

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I remember partaking in join the dot drawings and paint/colour by number books, many of which I found to be extremely entertaining when I was a child. Unfortunately although I managed a B in GCSE art I am sure that most would find it hard to classify any of my feeble attempts at drawing now […]

Computers Vs (Mathematical) Wrestlers

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Is maths just finding an answer?   Should we be allowed to wrestle with the numbers and fight our way through to the answer, Jo Boaler suggest that the harder the challenge of the problem the more successful the reward. It is difficult to define what hard is, for any individual, Conrad Wolfram believes it is […]

What Ya China Say?

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Shanghai seem to have an amazing culture where teachers are highly respected and the PISA statistics back up that they should be. However I am extremely confused at the desire to import a system wholesale in to our educational environment. Different cultures and different environments and expectations are not things you can just dismiss. That […]

Oh look this coin has two sides!

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What are we really arguing about? Is it about how to fix education or is it how to patch the current system? Every week there is a new idea which highlights some yet unthought of, to me, issue with education. An idea one week is often criticised the next if not even the same week. […]

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Instructions for building a mathematical house?

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Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. These are the instructions for minimising our impact on the planet but they seem to be key to increasing students grasp on mathematics. Willingham suggests that we should reduce the topics covered each year to increase the amount of conceptual understanding. This is echoed by Salman Khan in his TED Talk when […]

Would you rather have directions or a map? Can I have both please!

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When a good friend of mine first moved to London he decided that he would take a bus and jump of at random stops, he would then attempt to make his way home. This allowed him to create a mental map of London. He claims he can walk home from anywhere in London, however he […]

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

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Dan Mayer presents some thought on reforming maths teaching. He suggests that the most useful and interesting part of maths is the ability to formulate your own questions and then use logic to solve them. I would agree in life we are presented by problems and are expected to solve them, we are not always […]