Task 8- Gritty but set

Posted by on Jun 6, 2016 in Charlotte | 3 Comments

After having read Boaler’s article, I have to admit that I think my views on setting students may be seen as a little backwards. As a younger person I’m supposed to be full of hope that we can revolutionalise teaching and make big changes to improve it for the next generation. However, if I’m 100% […]

Task 7- I’ve forgotten what my title was going to be…..

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I feel that Willingham and I have become fast friends over the past few weeks. His article, as usual, seems to be pointing out many of the major misconceptions I have had to answer during my explanations that “Yes, I am a Psychologist.” “No, I am not a Psychic.” and “No, I cannot tell you […]

Task 5- Let’s put it on an iPad and see if they pay more attention?

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I think I took a lot more away from the article this week than I did the video if I’m honest. I think that Wolfram’s talk was interesting enough but, in essence, I fundamentally disagree with the majority of what he’s saying. I do agree that there needs to be an emphasis on the real […]

Task 4- Are we denying students the opportunity for deeper understanding?

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Have you ever been in the position where you think that the best way to help someone out is to do it for them? I know I have. This isn’t just from my experience as a TA where sometimes you just get so frustrated that you spit out an answer at a students so that […]

Task 3- We can’t teach Maths but the computer Khan… (sorry!!)

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After having read the article and watched the video, I’m left feeling a little stumped, if I’m honest. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a real advocate of the use of youtube videos to help my understanding of parts of my studies and have used them all the way through from GCSEs through A-Levels and my […]

Break the rules!! (by letting students find them for themselves)

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I want to start by saying that, if I’m honest, I got completely lost with the various analogies in Skemp’s lengthy article and enjoyed watching Meyer’s video (including the unrelated animation at the end). I do think that, although really interesting points were raised, the main points of the article could have been made in […]

A response to Task 1

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I think both pieces raise very valid points about the way in which Mathematics is taught in schools. What I do question, is the practicalities of the proposed ways for setting things right. Is there the scope, or in fact the need, to completely reform the way in which the education system has worked for […]