Follow the yellow brick road?…. Or discover something new?

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Video – Article – In the video, Jo Boaler explains how teachers are stuck in a cycle where they teach their students the way they were taught when they were students which means that there has been no real progression in maths classrooms. Boaler advocates students choosing their own ideas and developing their […]

Ms. Pac-Maths

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Peterson, like Dan Meyer, believes that current maths problems in schools are too word-heavy. Rather than reducing these word problems down to the vital information and letting students ask the questions as Dan Meyer suggests, Perterson wants to take it one step further and remove all the words using gaming. I can see the positive […]

What’s most important; Attitude, Ability or Opportunity?

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Duckworth and Boaler are both concerned about the way in which students are unable to fulfil their potential in the current schooling system. They both advocate Carol Dweck’s ‘growth mindset’ as a step in the right direction towards higher achievement for all students regardless of their initial ability. Boaler explains how the current education system […]

Do we need to keep asking ourselves “why?”?

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Hang on a minute, I thought we decided that conceptual understanding was the way forward. That Khan Academy was a no-no because it relies on purely instrumental understanding. But now this Table Tennis Superstar is saying that in fact, practice makes perfect and therefore conceptual understanding is really neither here nor there. So could Khan […]

Creativity takes courage!!!

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Before starting this course, I would not have described maths as particularly “beautiful” or as a “creative art”. However, the more I read about maths and education, and the more maths that I experience, with an awareness of the importance of understanding, the clearer it is that this is the case. I find it sad […]

“Computation meets Knowledge”

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Wolfram argues that mathematics has been “liberated from calculating” eliminating the need for step-by-step calculations by hand. He tackles the issue of understanding, stating that programming is an excellent way to illustrate an individual fully understands the procedures and processes behind mathematics. This proposal renders ideas from the likes of Skemp’s ‘instrumental and relational understanding’ […]

“All the rest are done in the same way” !?!?!?!?!

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Michael Pershan’s video was more than just a critique of Khan Academy, it was a denouncement of the way the American educational system teaches mathematics. In America, maths is taught extremely instrumentally (Skemp); the teacher explains how to do a problem and the lesson is taken up by students practicing this. Persham sees the Japanese […]

Turning “Can’t” into “Khan”

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Daniel Willinham outlines the ongoing issue of an individual’s belief that they “can’t do Math”. He argues, despite us all having the capability to understand and conceptualise mathematics, work and effort is needed if we are to be successful. Carol Dweck’s notion of a fixed mind-set seem relevant here. Many students have a fixed mind-set […]

Relational Understanding and Growth Mind-sets

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In her talk, Professor Carol Dweck examines the mind-sets of young people. She describes a problem whereby children are born as curious and (as Sir Ken Robinson would say) divergent thinkers but as they pass through the education system this inquisitiveness and open-thinking is thwarted. She blames this on children having a “fixed mind-set” rather […]

How long is this going to take?

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Dan Meyer Response I find Dan’s dissatisfaction with student’s lack of enthusiasm towards maths inspiring. He wants teachers to show students how mathematical processes can be applied to the world around us through mathematics reasoning. He outlines many of today’s maths lessons as lacking in initiative and perspective and explain how students, as a result, […]