Labouring instead of labelling; how to GetRIT of this misconception?

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Perhaps GRIT defined by Angela Duckworth as “passion and perseverance for very long-term goals, having the stamina, sticking with your future day-in day-out, not for the week, not for the month, but for years”. This is somehow not compatible, almost a contradiction, to our modern society which tends to have or meet the goals set […]

Let’s make maths memorable!!!

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Our world is so obsessed with success and watching Matthew Syed video has made me realised that we’ve created a world predominantly oriented on success where the word failure is perceived as a plague to be avoided at all cost. Somehow I am glad to do task 7, perhaps I might be a little controversial […]

What is the secret ingredient in teaching mathematics?

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One thing seems to be recurring throughout history is that in times of crisis, there are so many voices or prepositions which proclaim to have the solution for the situations at hand. But among all these solutions there must be at least one which is viable. Conrad Wolfram believes that the correct use of computers […]

Actually, there is no harm in harmony!

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In fact, my mind has not changed that much from Task 3, Khan Academy was just a reaction or a supplement to the teaching methods employed in the US; Khan saw an opportunity or perhaps a gap that needs closing and I cannot blame him for trying. Both Pershan and Blair, however, identify the need for […]

Is developing an intolerance towards Maths negativity priceless?

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From a personal point of view, I was quite surprised to hear Mr. Bill Gates’ statement, particularly when he said to Mr Khan, “I think you’ve just got a glimpse of the future of education”. After reading Willingham’s article, this makes me wonder of the past success that our world has experienced; after all, humans […]

Relational or Instrumental Understanding, that’s the question

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The conundrum between success and failure could be down to this rhetoric question; has the mathematics ‘sold’ to us been based on relational or instrumental understanding? However, for parents and students, success can be measured by the grades achieved in final exams, irrespective of whether their understanding was relational or instrumental. Both Meyer and Skemp portrayed […]

Where did it go wrong?

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The impression that both authors seem to project is that mathematics has not been fairly exposed and explored by teachers at schools level. Our education system seems to be based on a rigid structure or framework (i.e. economic and cultural), for instance, children are placed into age groups, ringing bells which is still conformed to […]