Is Relational Understanding and Instrumental Knowledge of Mathematics a Continuum or a Dichotomy?

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Is Relational Understanding and Instrumental Knowledge of Mathematics a Continuum or a Dichotomy? You are in a classroom listening to your mathematics teacher going through a maths problem. Without using any mathematical jargon nor formulae the teacher tackles the problem using real life examples and experiences, and you are convinced that you have understood all […]

Play Hard, Learn Harder

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It is true that becoming hooked to a video game depends on how the game challenges one’s mind and stimulates their desire to get to the next level. Apart from the theme of the game itself, some of the main selling aspects of a video game is its graphics and motion abilities. If the graphics depict real life […]

Grit and a Mindset Revolution

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After watching Angela Duckworth’s Ted Talk I tried to think of how a teacher could communicate to students the fact that, with effort and grit, everyone’s brain is capable of growing and that ‘smartness’ can be learned (Carol Dweck, 2006). One suggestion would be to allow teachers to show their classes a scientific demonstration of […]


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Knowledge, practice and NOT talent makes perfect! It is also true that no one is born with a talent to ride a bike. We all have to learn to do something. It’s how we nurture such acquired knowledge that defines our performance, not talent. We can all agree that an ideal learning environment should prioritise […]

Are Maths Teachers Disciples of Doom?

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A lot has been written about how students find mathematics dull and boring, how irrelevant and ambiguous the subject can be, but no one has ever elaborated as clearly the reasons behind this hatred of the subject than Paul Lockhart’s paper on the current system of teaching mathematics. Now, I understand clearly why so many […]

It’s an Obsession

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If the presence of technology in a classroom enhances learning and improves all students’ interaction with the subject then it is a good thing, and that piece of technology should be promoted. But if technology takes away the essence of learning per se, then I bet to differ. A parent sends her child to school […]

Shanghai Maths Experience

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Shanghai Maths Teaching Experience It was an honour to be invited to the Shanghai Maths seminar at Chailey a few weeks ago. The first impression I got was the way the teachers introduced the lessons. They always started with a question and that had every student on their toes. As the lesson progressed a procedural […]

TEACHER AND THE MACHINE- Charity begins at home

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The ability to learn a new skill and be able to retain it depends on a number of factors, among which, is the way the said skill is taught in the first place, which would then determine whether the skill is understood and the knowledge is grasped. This demands time. It’s just like learning to ride a […]


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The internet evolution and the ability to interact remotely with each other from all corners of the world could revolutionise the way we learn and teach. Imagine a classroom in a remote town in sub Saharan Africa, learning and experiencing the very same kind of education that students from the big affluent cities of this […]

Two Types of Mathematics

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TASK 2 – TWO TYPES OF MATHEMATICS It seems there is an agreement among mathematicians, businesses and teachers alike that the way mathematics is taught in most schools is a bit short sighted and mostly driven by examination results. Just like Dan Meyer and Ken Robinson in Task 1, Richard Skemp, in Relational and Instrumental […]