Building Engagement Using Technology.

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I wanted to take a look at student engagement within the classroom and some different view on what can be done to improve it, particularly looking at how technology can be used the the classroom to raise engagement among pupils. I read a paper by Anne Maddox entitled “Technology’s Impact on Student Engagement” which journaled […]

We’re not fooling them any more…

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I this there have been some really interesting ideas put forward in both the article and the video about the use of gaming in education and the link between the two. In the video Matthew Peterson introduces his way of visual learning through gaming. I found his idea of wordless games that are intuitive and […]

Your “I Can” is more important than your IQ – Robin Sharma

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I found both the talk by Angela Duckworth and the article by Jo Boaler very interesting. Duckworth emphasises the need for motivation within students as a key aspect of success within learning and that this is encompassed within the growth mindset theory. I agree with Angela that motivation in students is a big barrier to […]

Remember, Remember the 5th of Whenever…

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I think Matthew Syed’s comparison of learners and top athletes and sports personalities was very interesting. Many of us have experienced an education system based on recall of facts and processes that have been taught, revised and occasionally remembered over a number or years. It has to be said that highlighting the downfalls of this […]

Are students really telling us something when they ask “When will I ever use this?”…

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I think the talk by Sir Ken Robinson on creativity was the most enjoyable of all those we have watched yet. Finally, on a topic usually rife with negative attitude and bleak outlooks, someone is prepared to talk about our education systems in a fun way, throw in some jokes and engage an audience whilst still […]

The Bullet and the Beast

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In the TED talk by  Conrad Wolfram and the article by Daniel gillingham they both talk of tech as a silver bullet. Whilst Wolfram advocates the use of technology as the antidote to the virus plaguing our maths classrooms with irrelevance and boredom, Willingham begins by stating that technology, on its own, cannot be the […]

Are we really ready for a different kind of Khan?

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I was very interested to see this week’s task after the discussion about Khan academy last week and the many questions I had yet to answer about it for myself. Although the lack of multiple representations was a questions that had been raised about Khan academy, I thought that the comparison between different cultural styles […]

Why Pick One?

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I was interested to read the article by Willingham on whether or not some people are genetically predisposed to difficulty with mathematics. I found many of the concepts within the article similar to those we have previously looked at such as different teaching and learning styles that lend themselves to different styles of understanding. Willingham […]

Are we creating fixed mindset learners with our teaching styles?

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I enjoyed watching the video of the presentation by Professor Carol Dweck on Teaching a Growth Mindset. This particular video sparked my interest as “growth mindset” is a phrase I have heard being thrown around at my current school for the last year or so and was intrigued to find out more. I thought Carols […]

Are our classrooms future proof?

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One of the key questions posed by Ken Robinson in his talk “Changing Education Paradigms” was can we “meet the future by doing what you did in the past?” Is the system which, when first implemented, was such an improvement and a great step forward still working for us today, let alone being future proof? […]