Can there be a ‘one size fits all’ approach to education?

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Whilst reflecting on my journey throughout this module, I looked back at my previous think-pieces and found that there tended to be a common theme running through my thought processes. We have been introduced to lots of good pedagogical ideas, most of which I feel have elements that would have some use within the classroom […]

“But its not my size, or the right colour :(“

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The question that a find myself battling with as a result of my journey through this module is ‘Can there be a one size fits all approach to education?’ In this think-piece I will be discussing the views of a 13 year old boy named Logan LaPlante, alongside the views of Karin Anne, a co-founder […]

Will we ever complete the ‘education’ level…

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Gaming is a concept that I, personally, have always struggled to understand. For me, I don’t really see the point of it… I can’t say I’ve ever fully enjoyed it, nor have I ever felt the need to spend hours of my time trying to better myself in a virtual setting… Perhaps that says something […]

Getting down to the Nitty-gritty…

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The idea of growth mind-set is one that I continue to find very intriguing, yet I still cannot get my head around the problem of how we get students to see its potential importance when considering its successful implementation within the education of mathematics! I feel that the research conducted by Angela Duckworth, Jo Boaler and […]

Is there such a thing as talent?

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Matthew Syed poses some interesting points in his talk about talent, he believes that there is no such thing as talent and he goes a long way to prove his point by talking about some of his personal experiences. Although I agree with Syed that there is no such thing as talent, I feel that […]

Suppressing minds through the means of education…

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I have to say that, in my opinion, this week’s task was by far one of the most enjoyable and thought provoking tasks that we have come across in this module so far. In a TED talk by Ken Robinson, the importance of creativity is discussed; which ties in nicely with the ideas presented by […]

To help or to hinder? That is the question…

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Technology is a hot topic in the world of education at the moment and there are many different views on its place within the classroom. This think-piece will look at the ideas presented by Conrad Wolfram in his TED talk (Teaching kids real math with computers) and at the points put forward by Dan Willingham […]

Reflection on Shanghai Maths experience:

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On Wednesday the 25th November 2015, I was lucky enough to attend a professional development workshop to observe lessons that were being led by two experienced teachers from Shanghai. This was part of a project that is aimed at helping English secondary school teachers to understand and implement some of the key elements of Shanghai […]

Time to launch an ‘Inquiry’ on the academy…

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In this week’s think-piece I will be analysing further the usefulness of Khan Academy. I will be considering the views pointed out in the video critique of Khan Academy by Michael Pershan as well as an article on ‘Inquiry math(s)’ by Andrew Blair. Pershan’s video considers ways in which Kahn Academy can be improved whereas […]

I ‘Khan’ do maths!

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In this week’s task I will be looking at an article written by Dan Willingham as well as a TED talk given by Sal Khan about his ‘Khan Academy’. Willingham explores the question “Is it true that some people just can’t do math?” by looking at various types of research. Whereas Khan talks about a […]