Nature or Nurture

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Mathematics is a fundamental part of the world in which we live. It infiltrates everyday life, making it an inescapable part of our reality. From an early age it is a core subject in the curriculum and yet it is often found to be boring and irrelevant. Every child is born with the ability to […]

Setting and Streaming – Worth it?

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What is setting and streaming? Well, setting is the grouping of students within a subject area based on a student’s ability in that subject. This is very common, especially within maths, as 94% of secondary schools state that they set for maths. My belief is that maths is so commonly set as maths is (largely) […]

Nothing’s going in!

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I found Daniel Willingham’s article on how to improve students’ memory extremely interesting. As he states in the article himself, this is not something we are taught at school, and despite being shown how to create spider diagrams and similar revision tools, we are not actually taught how our memory works, and most importantly, how […]

Show us the path to success

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Ken Robinson asked the question “How do you find your talent, if not allowed to be free and explore to find it?” In this case, we could argue that many great musicians, mathematicians and artists could have been lost by our education system not allowing them to explore freely enough to discover their true ability. […]

Mind Invaders

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It has to be said that the last video game I played was Space Invaders, back in…… well let’s say some time ago. Playing video games is something that I have happily let pass me by, but having read the article by Mr. Gee, it would seem that I am missing something there. He certainly […]

Play this game .

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My first thought was Mathew Peterson was trying to market his games. I then imagined a math class with no words. Log on scoll down it is quadratics game. Thanks end of lesson well done! Next test on Monday . Great learning everybody. That was how I imagined a class with no words. i thought […]

Forget about ‘Grit’, its a terrible word anyway, we want mistakes!

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At first Angela Duckworth’s talk on grit grated on me slightly, it almost felt like the coining of another classroom label. As studies have shown labels within the classroom can be detrimental and lead to underachievement or they can go the opposite way and end up as a self-fulfilling prophecy. The idea of a growth […]

True Grit

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True Grit Surely all teachers, by the nature of their profession are in favour of a growth mindset. The problem here is less to do with teachers than with the teaching establishment (and perhaps the government and society) – that is where the growth mindset falls down. Grit on the other hand is a quality […]

Failure or learning?

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Carol Dweck’s study on comparing the effects of two subtly different types of praise on children’s development suggested results in line with those discussed by Angela Duckworth in her TED Talk on ‘grit’. Throughout their discussions both researchers reach the conclusion that not being afraid of failure and being able to pick yourself back up […]

It’s all about the mind set.

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I listened to Angela Duckworth talking about how to motivate children. In my view it was brilliant speech and made me think and ask myself what the best formular of motivating children to learn maths in general? I believe that there is a need to look into motivating children to learn maths. I considered the piece […]