Using the carrot/stick analogy, will the carrot ultimately fail??!!

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Whilst viewing both the video by Duckworth and reading Boaler’s article, I began to think about the concept of motivation and belief. My belief in the concept of belief is paramount, (if it wasn’t I’d be in trouble) but seriously I always feel that the belief of the ability to succeed a task is key […]

I’m just a natural, or am I……..

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For me the 2 articles were among the best I have seen/read thus far, as so many of the concepts and ideas struck by both Syed and Willingham mirrored many of my own beliefs. It could be just so because Syed’s talk had a large interaction with sport, one of my own passions (at least […]

“I know how that works…..oh, computer says NO!!”

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It was only this week whilst at Hastings Academy, I was helping year 11 students with their preparation for their Maths GCSE and one boy, who quite frankly made somewhat silly mistakes not giving the exercise due care and attention, and after a period of frustration said to the teacher, “Why don’t we just get […]

Have you ever had a driving lesson watching the instructor drive the car?

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The title of my think piece really struck a chord with me about how people effectively learn and the example of the driving test is difficult to assess as it doesn’t quite make sense, but isn’t this exactly the same process adopted my many schools. It is also quite interesting, that with almost every article […]

Many say we should reduce class sizes….Khan wants 1.9 billion in his class!!

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Khan’s vision of teaching is one which should be very much applauded. It is interesting that Willingham explicitly highlights the contrast between cultures in their methods of learning, even at a young age when comparing the numeracy ability and methods of younger children in Mundurucu compared to that of those in the Western World. There […]

I wish this game of football would end, I want to play some soccer……

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I think that both of the respective articles argue some fascinating points. Meyer highlights a level of impatience amongst pupils and possibly the desire for students to find the easy answer, he also highlights the use of textbooks by most teachers, and the reliance on the pupil to refer to previous questions and map their […]

Sex, Drugs, Rock’n’roll and Mathematics

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When you think of it, Western world societies have a somewhat strict guideline for which legislation is drawn up to govern behaviour. In the UK, there are legal age limits for sex (arguably strange that heterosexual is not the same as homosexual), limits for smoking, limits for listening to certain types of music and the […]