1.1 WATCH this TEDtalk by Dan Meyer on ‘Patient Problem-solving’.

OR, if you’ve already watched this, choose a video from this blog.

1.2 READ this article about Relational Understanding by Richard Skemp

1.3 PLAY with some of these classroom math(s) activities designed by Dan in collaboration with Desmos.

1.4 WRITE a 500 word think-piece summing up your thoughts on the articles and activities, and publish it to your MATHAGOGY portfolio. You may wish to consider:

  • What are the key ideas being explored in the articles?
  • How do these ideas fit with your own mathematical learning experiences?
  • Are there any problems with these approaches to teaching/learning math(s)?

[1.5] BONUS Have a play with Euclid: the game 🙂

[1.6] BONUS Dan’s latest video on Relevant Engagement and Real Life Math(s)