Posted by SIMON on Oct 15, 2014

I know that teaching maths can be done in many different ways and that because students are so varied in the way that they learn, lots of different methods of teaching must be considered for students to efficiently learn.

I also know that learning maths doesn’t necessarily have to be done in the classroom, people can learn maths through many real life scenarios like going to the shop, working out bills or planning trips. People also seem to learn maths more efficiently if they are enjoying it, this is why there are so many mathematical based games on the internet, in newspapers and in lessons.

There are many things I do not know about how learning maths works, such as what is happening in the brain when people are learning maths and biological explanations of learning.

I also do not know the best learning methods for different people or how to identify different types of learners so that I can find the best methods to teach different people. I do not know much about how age affects our abilities to learn and what other kind of factors can influence our learning styles (diet, environment, peers, previous activities, moods) or even if things are once learnt they can be truly unlearnt or simply hidden away somewhere in the brain.

I want to understand how sometimes it feels like methods or explanations suddenly just click and make sense and be able to identify what it is that makes that click happen, whether it is just practice and repetition or is there something else that makes it click.


    15 October 2014

    Excellent, its briliant that you want to identify ways of teaching that suit a variety of students – rather than just having one explanation, which is pretty poor.

    15 October 2014


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